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Students Reviews

My time at IEC enriched me in terms of skills and took me a step further in becoming an entrepreneur. I am thankful to all the teachers who corrected and supported us throughout our Bachelor period. The events that I took part in helped me learn and experience things which are really useful for me today as I’m currently working on my Fashion Studio. As of now, I’m studying Masters in English and working on my Fashion Studio at Boudha and I proudly own the title as a Fashion Designer.

(2015 BATCH)

Right after I finished my Bachelors in Interior Design from IEC, I landed a job at Quest Infra Pvt. Ltd. It was an honor to contribute for projects like -Nepal Army Headquarters, COAS Quarter (Sashi Bhawan) and many others while I worked there for almost 3 years. I also worked as a freelance designer for some restaurants, residential and commercial projects. IEC helped me pave my career path and to further broaden my knowledge, I am currently studying MA Interior Design in the University of East London, United Kingdom

(2013 BATCH)

I thank IEC College of Arts and Fashion for putting in all the efforts to give me a successful professional life today. Encouraging me to think globally and spread my wings to take off for the land of rising sun. I had received a lot of opportunities to groom myself, thanks to my ever inspiring mentors who helped me to discover the talented part of myself. No wonder IEC college is best and renowned in Kathmandu, striving to achieve excellence; it has definitely set some benchmarks in the academia and is relentlessly trying to achieve the heights in rendering the world class education for fashion lovers.

(Founder of Sweta Acharya Fashion House)

IEC is the place to be. I began my journey here in 2015 and can proudly say that the three years at IEC have been a fantastic learning experience with extensive exposure to both the insides and outsides of the industry. Furthermore, IEC provides one with the best learning experiences possible whereby one not only receives guidance and assistance from great faculty members who work tirelessly to shape one’s future thereby grooming students to become successful entrepreneurs but also exposes students to practical situations preparing them for the real world. As I work on my brand, “In Anusha Fashion Studio,” I can now respectfully claim my status as an entrepreneur.


I still feel that three years at IEC was the best learning phase I could possibly ask for and to study here was the best decision I have ever made. I learned not only about the content of course syllabus but also about myself, my dreams and my vision. I did not only complete my Bachelors degree but I also learned importance of hard work, dedication and perseverance which is knowledge for a lifetime. I have always been thankful to my teachers, classmates, admin staff and MD ma’am Mrs. Shailaja Adhikary for showing the importance of exposure, opportunities and experiences. Today being called as a fashion designer and owning my own brand – “Roseus Design studio” and “Roseus Makeup and Cosmetics” gives me a sense of pride and happiness.


I have always felt lucky to have studied at IEC College of Art & Fashion as it has changed my life. IEC is known to be very systematic, practical and functional designing college than any other fashion schools and colleges in Nepal. The thing I admire the most about the College is the support I received from the faculty member – either it be the administration or the teaching department and of course our Managing Director of the college.

At IEC, the more emphasis is given on practical knowledge and extra activities to make student independent. In Short, I can proudly state that IEC has prepared me to outshine with my talent in the world of fashion. Now I’m known as one of the leading fashion designer in Nepal who own a brand named ‘Mu Ce’.


IEC has offered me opportunities to expand my knowledge of the fashion industry. It allowed me to gain advice from some of the best professionals. Not only was I able to attend the global classes in Malaysia, but I was then given the opportunity to work as an Intern in the industry and showcase my designs at Nepal’s most extravagant fashion show – TGIF- Nepal Fashion Week, 2017. With the help of my lecturers who had all the industry experience and exposure, alongside some determination, it just went on to show that I could achieve something in which I never would have dreamed possible without the help and support of IEC. My advice for future students is to definitely grasp all the training and experiences the college has to offer and you will always achieve greater results finally from what you put in.

(Batch 2015 – 2018)

“Don’t lose sight of your goal. Your countless hours of studying and sleepless nights will pay off in the end. Three and a-half years in IEC was an exciting and unforgettable experience for me. Highly qualified teachers, motivating management team, meeting interesting people, participating in practical activities were the driving force to keep me going and made me the professional that I am today. Without any doubt, I would surely give my due share of credit to IEC for all my accomplishments.

To all those aspiring Interior Designers, I strongly recommend IEC as this is the only college in Nepal that provides the core knowledge on Interior Designing.

(Batch 2011 – 2014)

I was absolutely delighted to pursue, career as a fashion designer after becoming Miss Nepal 2000. It’s my immense pleasure to get associated with IEC in the year 2004 and the journey became my turning point; I still reminiscence our batch and those glorious one year was mesmerizing & outstandthg. We had Successfully concluded Fashion show before Graduation which was held in Fulbari Resort. Pokhara was one of the best platform for all of us in order to grow and get ready to fly for the dream. It’s been Successful 18 years today. I have established myself one of the renowned female entrepreneur and Successful fashion designer in Nepal. Currently I am running UR Stylish Boutique in Kupondole and giving my best in todays trend and fashion. The moment my customer acknowledge and admire my design and when I look them gorgeous in those outfits that’s where I feel absolutely content. I am thankful to IEC and team who assisted me indeed to discover my dream and been always my friend in my joumey over the years. I look forward the same in upcoming days.

IEC is one stop destination which gives shape to your dream.

(Miss Nepal 2000)

IEC is known to provide enough platform for students while they are still studying; and being one of the ex student, I too had the privilege of learning designing in a very professional manner. And those numerous exposure had taught me importance of versatility and uniqueness. Going by this, today I tend to make sure my every work is different from my previous collection. This is one important and productive trait I learnt here that will influence all my upcoming work. My work is my pride and I will never hesitate to say my pride was polished meticulously by IEC.

Last but not least, I vouch on IEC, also because this institute makes student believe in themselves and focuses more on practical method of teaching. I believe both working individually and in a team are equally important for one’s growth and if we are talking about creativity, it is more than needed and that’s exactly what IEC offers.

(Official Fashion Designer of Miss Nepal since 2017)

“You’re not going to get very far in life based on what you already know. You’re going to advance in life only by what you’re going to learn after you leave here.” Charlie Munger From the begining I have had an interest in the Arts. At school I learned what was taught, as was my duty, but I knew this was not what I wanted to be doing with my life. To pursue a career which would make good use of my interests, I joined IEC College of Art and Fashion and obtained my Bachelor’s degree. Then, wanting to gain more knowledge and explore the design community further, I moved to New Zealand. There I did post-graduate studies in design, specializing in interior design, at the Otago Polytechnic. A degree and a year of work experience later, I returned home, ready to use the knowledge and experience I have gained, to work in our country’s Design Industry.

Currently, I am working for my father’s company- Quality Kitchen Equipment Pvt. Ltd and Creative Décor Pvt. Ltd, where I can implement my knowledge of design and use my creativity.


I am so grateful to have chosen IEC as my carrier guide or mentor as I have so much interest in interior designing. I got the privilege of learning designing in a very professional manner, which is assisting me in my professional work. These productive traits that I learnt here are influencing my profession. My three years at IEC have been excellent and memory to cherish for lifetime. The years spent here have been full of learning and opportunities.

With my degree and past 3 years of experiences, I successfully designed Army Headquarter and Staff’s residence for Chief of Army, ALOFT Hotel, Thamel and few other different hotels and beauty studios. I am currently working for Kalpasrot Pvt.Ltd. where I am exploring my creativity in Auditorium hall, World link office and different hotel designs.


My time period at IEC was the most memorable and enlightening phase of my life, IEC provided me a platform from where I took the flight in my career. I am very thankful to my teachers for encouraging and pushing me through the hard times as well as shaping and sharpening my raw skills and knowledge.

I sincerely am grateful to IEC family for the opportunities during the time period. I believe that at IEC I only got the best of everything and successfully completed my Bachelors Degree. My goal to become a fashion designer has taken a form of extravagant reality today as I have my own brand named “ARSHIYA COUTURE” that I nurture today with the knowledge I learned in IEC.


I would like to acknowledge IEC College of Arts and Fashion for providing me with utmost assistance in the pursuit of my dream career. I feel very fortunate and filled with gratitude to be able to graduate from such an honorable college whereby I received guidance from well experienced instructors, was provided with well facilitated infrastructure and given plentiful practical exposures. The way in which fashion shows are held by IEC is very encouraging for students as we are allowed to explore our raw ideas regarding fashion and style and come up with our own inspirations. I am a 2020 graduate and for the last 2 years, I have been running my own fashion boutique named ANU’s DESIGN which is located in my home town Butwal. I feel very privileged that IEC provided me with the essential skills and knowledge thereby enabling my dream to come true.


When I reflect upon my three years in IEC, I conclude that the experience not only made me better at designing, but also prepared me for unpredictable circumstances that might arise in my career. Attending classes with incredibly supportive classmates, and receiving guidance from professors who were nothing short of champions, I was challenged to discover a voice I didn’t knew I possessed. That voice has played a central role in my work because as a designer, it is vital to think creatively, plan vigorously, imagine limitlessly, communicate endlessly and engage and generate new designs continuously. The classes are fun and allow interaction with other students in such a manner that students can inspire other students. In this way, students can make invaluable relation- ships for their future fashion careers. Now I have my own brand named “Manify” and “Nnzeella Creates” which focus on Makeup & conceptual Photoshoots and accessories respectively. Additionally, I am also working for international brands as a Fashion Illustrator.


In my 3 years as an Interior Architecture student in IEC, I learnt and grew by leaps and bounds as I was provided with in-depth information, knowledge and guidance regarding interior architecture be it theoretical or practical. During my years, I was able to partake in organizing exhibitions, develop my leadership skills and most importantly create life-long connections. I am very grateful to our MD. Shailaja maam, all the admin members and my classmates of IEC for making my degree journey that much more worthwhile. IEC always felt like home away from home for me and will always have a special place in my heart.

IEC always encouraged me to work hard and persevere no matter how many obstacles came my way. Hence, today i am a proud Interior architect and own my own company named Ziki Designs Pvt.Ltd.


Gaining acceptance into Nepal’s most reputed & well known Fashion School “IEC” kicked off my passionate hope and dream of becoming a successful Fashion designer. ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I did in IEC?’ And the answer will always be a definite “Yes” with a subtle smile on my face because IEC is the place that paved the pathway to the success that I’ve attained thus far. Kids of my age hang out with people of similar age group which is totally normal but I have always preferred vibing with those who have a certain image & impact on the society regardless of what their age is. I always believe that in order to climb up the ladders of society, one must learn to socialise and interact with people who have a voice. During my stint in IEC and the various events I partook in, I got the opportunity to build my social circle which ended up proving beneficial upon graduation.

As a result of such carving & pampering of IEC towards their students, it has resulted in me constructing a name/image for myself which needs no effort of introduction i.e “Aarops Design”. Deep love & affection to IEC & its entire team

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