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Diploma in interior
& product design

Course Duration: 15 Months

Creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces and products

Our Interior & Product Design program combines elements of interior design and product design, preparing students for careers in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces and products. Taught exclusively by industry professionals, our classes offer practical insights. We also actively engage students in field visits that encompass various interior spaces, including residences, hotels, restaurants, stores, historic sites, hospitals, and housing projects, enhancing students’ practical understanding.
The structured curriculum includes essential components such as Elements and Principles of Design, Color, Accessories, Home Décor (Furnishings and Fittings), Orthographic Projection, Furniture and Product Design, Building and Construction, Digital Design (Autocad 2D and SketchUp 3D), Spacing Planning, Anthropometry, Landscape Design, Vastu Shastra, Interior Current Trends, Project Work, Research and Market Survey, Field Visits, Model Making, Portfolio Development, and Thesis.

Course Structure

  • Elements & Principles of Design
  • Color and Accessories
  • Home Decor (Furnishings and Fittings)
  • Orthographic Projection
  • Furniture and Product Design
  • Building and Construction
  • Digital Design: Autocad 2D and Sketch UP 3D
  • Spacing Planning and Anthropometry
  • Landscape Design
  • Vastu Shastra
  • Interior Current Trends
  • Projerct Work
  • Research and Market Survey
  • Field Visit
  • Model Making
  • Portfolio
  • Thesis

Join us for a practical and enriching journey into the world of interior and product design.

Supplementary benefits comprise a Portfolio Shoot, WiFi-equipped classrooms, Brand Surveys, Professional Enrichment activities, exposure through Interior Exhibitions, Product Design Competitions, and sought-after internship opportunities.
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