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Welcome to IEC School

Founded under the visionary leadership of Ms. Shailaja Adhikary, IEC stands as the pioneer in offering formal courses in Fashion & Interior Design in the country. Over the years, we’ve proudly evolved into the leading institution for fashion and interior design education in Nepal, achieving an extraordinary growth rate of over 500%.

At IEC, we house two distinctive departments: IEC School and IEC College. IEC School, located on Charkhal Road, offers two comprehensive programs – a Diploma in Fashion Designing and a Diploma in Interior & Product Design. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our well-equipped centers in Kathmandu & Bhaktapur.

Our mission extends beyond job preparation; we empower our students to harness a multitude of future opportunities.

IEC was established as a fusion of creative and technical expertise, with a specific focus on addressing the unique career challenges in the realms of fashion and interior design.
As you step into our vibrant premises, you’ll discover IEC as an exhilarating place, a space where your creative potential can flourish. Our institution is celebrated for its welcoming atmosphere, accomplished faculty members, state-of-the-art labs, and studios, ensuring an unparalleled educational experience.