Fashion Design, Interior Architecture
Study with the best degree in Design.

You are welcome to be a part of the IEC family by selecting a location of your choice, to setup an IEC Centre, provided you have a strong inclination, prime location and investable funds. WE ARE LOOKING FOR PARTNERS IN PROGRESS. IEC IS INTERESED IN YOU. IEC is looking forward to an association with committed partners To select a franchisee. IEC Corporate works on the basis of the following criteria:-

» Academic qualification
» Entrepreneurial and Managerial skills
» Commitment to full time involvement in running the Centre.
» Age and family support
» Sound financial backing.
» Commitment to promotion of new trends in design.
» An urge to be a celebrity

What is to be done?

All you are to do is to just fill in the Performa provided covering the following aspects and send the same at the earliest:-
Demographical Statistics of the City like population, income level, industrial belt, the state of transport and communication etc. The Population of intending target should be shown separately.

City’s Profile in terms of number of schools, colleges etc.
Competition if any.
Number of expected students in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of operation.
The site plan.
Present occupation in detail.
The proposed minimum infrastructure.
Any exposure to fashion industry.
The Financial status.
Any other value which you can add to the project.
After receiving the Performa filled in by you, the IEC Corporate will conduct a survey in the city and place proposed by you. The decision in this regard will be taken within no time after receiving the survey report.
So, gear yourself for the inevitable changes that would occur in the concepts of life from time to time. Submit the Performa provided at the earliest as it is high time to take stock of the opportunity and get the stock ready for tomorrow.
And we would love to do it for you.

Apply for new Centre – Click for Download Franchise Application Form and submit to us.